About Us

The name Heroicbollywood says the feeling we share with every single word we write here.

Bollywood is the land of exotic creativity with the tangy taste of fun all mixed in one. While there are times when Sharukh and Salman make us believe in true Bollywood romances. There also are times when Preeti and Kabir make us understand the true meaning and depth of love.

Bollywood is Where Akshay Kumar is striving with his movies carrying the ultimate social message every time ending on a serious note, and Ayushman Khurana making us troll and literally have us rolling on the floor as we laugh with his fantastic comic time associated in the most fun and educating movies.

Bollywood is the right blend of art, creativity, entertainment, and life.

We at heroicbollywood.com believe in appreciating every single freckle of Bollywood and the phenomenal screenplay we get every single time a Friday hits.

Our experts study every single piece by Bollywood and review it will all their hearts, mind, and souls put together. Our love for Bollywood is undying and we love to share it with you.

We cater to you with the best and utmost reviews and opinions of movies, YouTube series, Netflix Originals, and every single thing Bollywood offers.

Our motto

Appreciation – While there are millions of portals talking about the phenomenal work a Hollywood actor, movie, or show does, Bollywood does not get the same. We at Heroicbollywood try to bring in light the marvelous work our actors, filmmakers, producers, creative directors, scriptwriters and millions of others involved in making a piece of work and bringing it out to the audience.

Art – Understanding of art is not everyone’s cup of tea. We make sure to bring out the specifics and frolics of all excellent works to make you understand it better.

Entertainment – Appreciation of art is a must but we make sure then entertainment part walks hand in hand too. Yes, there are many stupendous artists who work entirely to make their art speak. But there are many artists who work to simply provide leisure time entertainment to the viewers and we make sure we deliver every inch of every pun in an entertainer Bollywood has for you.

Latest arrivals – There are thousands and thousands of exquisite works Bollywood has given to us but the industry never stops taking us by surprise. Keeping up with the pace of the latest arrivals, we make sure we cater to you with the best and the freshest arrival before you can get a spoiler by your over-joyed friends.

Netflix – Netflix is a huge part of Bollywood and each day a new actor and filmmaker leave their remarkable imprint on Netflix India. With heartfelt content, an incredible display of scripts, acting, creativity, and elements making it a magical piece, we make sure you are served with the perfect reviews of fresh arrivals on Netflix too. We make sure every second you spent on Heroicbollywood.com is worth your time.

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