Angrezi Medium: Radhika and Irrfan Makes Everyone Emotional With Them

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The movie Angrezi Medium unfolds in the beautiful city of Udaipur where Champak Bansal (Irrfan), the owner of ‘The First Original Misthan Bhandar’ resides with his family. His beloved daughter Tarika (Radhika Madan) has only one dream – to pursue her higher studies from a university abroad.

It is rightly said that there is no other greater love than the love of a parent. Well, this is the central theme of the movie directed by Homi Adajania. Irrfan and Radhika Starrer Angrezi medium takes us through an emotional roller coaster ride where you will feel like laughing and crying at the same time.

Tarika since her childhood only has only one dream since her childhood that she wants to pursue her higher education from a university abroad. When she finally stands a chance to go to London, her father does everything in his power to ensure that his daughter’s dream is fulfilled.

Along with Champak, his elder brother Gopi (Deepak Dobriyal) and Tarika the viewers are set to go in an emotional journey that may be a story of every middle-class Indian family. Where children have big dreams in their mind and parents would do anything to make sure that their children can fulfill their dream.

In the first half of the movie, viewers will get familiar with every major character in the movie. The first half will take us to be a part of Champak’s world where Irrfan uses a thick Rajasthani dialect and impresses everyone. Although, this amusing subplot will be interestingly included in the movie later.

Now, you might think that the story of Angrezi medium is very typical; however, it is not as simple as it looks. Apart from a father’s unconditional love and sacrifices for his daughter, the movie seems to touch upon other major themes as well. Like the current generation is obsessed with going abroad and building a life there, well thanks to Hollywood movies and series to showcase that it is so much fun! Well, nobody cares to dwell upon the real struggle.

The misunderstanding that grows between parents and children, the need for being there for the family when it is essential is also brought up beautifully in the movie. Well, not to forget one of the major themes in the movie – in some remote areas still, girls are not allowed to pursue their dreams and are forced to live life according to the social rules set by no one!

These all themes have been beautifully layered up on the screen that they don’t force upon the audience, you will find humor in a few scenes and in some scenes, you may find it vague as it loses its direction. Due to this reason, you may feel that it is being stretched in the middle of nowhere.

Also, there will be times when the film will fall in the hands of taboos and stereotypes that we have seen already. For instance, a small-town girl gets distracted once she is on foreign land. However, none of the vagueness or repeated stereotypes come in between the emotional angle of the movie and has been beautifully captured by every actor.

The emotion that overwhelms the audience in the Angrezi Medium movie is the one that has been shared by the father-daughter duo.  Irrfan has done flawlessly as the adoring father Champak, the way he delivers every dialogue will give you goosebumps. As it looks so real and he has the same honesty in his eyes that we all have seen and appreciated in the 2017 Film Hindi medium.

Be it a conversation with his elder brother Deepak after a couple of drinks or be it delivering a hilarious speech on his daughter’s annual day function. He doesn’t leave any opportunity to steal the show every time he is on the big screen. Well, you can very well say that his hard work and dedication towards his profession can be seen through his performance.

In contrast, Radhika Madan has not left any stone unturned to perform Irrfan’s daughter. The actress has played the role very well; she is sometimes the innocent kid, on the other hand, she is the rebellious one. But whatever she plays, she simply wins everyone’s heart.

Deepak Dobriyal came as a surprise package in this film. He has played the role of Irrfan’s brother and will not fail to make you laugh whenever he appears on the screen. His contagious laughter will make you burst into one, every time you see him on the screen as he is just pitch-perfect in every scene.  

Dimple Kapadia as a mother, delivers exceptional performance in the movie and Kareena Kapoor Khan has given her best in the role of Naina Kohli, a police inspector. The background music is fantastic, and songs have done their best in just elevating the emotions in the film. After watching this emotion-stirring movie, we bet you will get a sense of gratitude for your parents and would tightly hug them for everything they have done for you.

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