Doordarshan Film Review: Subtle Comedy, Best Pick To Watch With Your Loved Ones

Doordarshan Film Review

The film is a well-knitted comical story, where the male lead Sunny is crazy about the landlord’s daughter, whereas his father is battling divorce and seeking distance from his crazy wife, Priya. There are two eccentric neighbors of the crazy family; one is a speech-impaired guy and the other stereotypes gays. Sunny is driven by his crazy hormones and is obsessed with human desires. He is given slutty magazines and disturbing content by one of his friends, Pappi. Sunny’s grandmother has been on the coma bed for thirty years and her son, Sunil takes care of her with love. With all these elements the story shot in Old Delhi does, not seem scripted and cakey but rather relatable to the audience. It is indeed natural and does not seem knitted just for the sake of weaving some story. The director, Gangan Puri has focused on the hilarity of a North Indian family and has knitted several scenes that give the audience a good laugh.

The film Doordarshan seems like an old-school 80s film with a transistor, Ramayan posters, TV cable, and black and white television. The crazy family stays in the ancestral home, which belongs to Goldie, who is Sunil’s childhood friend. One fine day, Pappi is reading his story aloud in Hindi and the description wakes the grandmother up, who was in a coma for three decades. The doctors are worried that she wakes up in a completely different decade would change her mental equilibrium and cause mental instability.

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Thus, Sunil decides to recreate the time of 1989 with the help of his close ones to slowly break the news. Her room is turned upside down and all the new pictures are replaced were old vintage photographs. Sunil even dresses up in school uniform, being in his thirties to make sure that his mother does not discover the truth. He turns all his children into housekeepers, which adds to the fun. Although the charades turn out to be pretty disastrous however, the journey brings the weird family together and teaches them a very important lesson. Everyone understands the value of life and their relationships are restored.

The entire tale is weaved in a hilarious manner, especially the grandmother regaining her senses on the funniest incident. The film brings the golden age into limelight when the family was everyone’s weak point and sons took extreme care of their parents. Sunil goes to the extremity to make his sick mother believe that she is still living in the year 1989. The comedy has been gripped firmly with a tinge of desperation to bring back the golden age.

The song ‘Rukawat Ke Liya Khed Hai’ has been played at appropriate moments that capture the sheer humor in the family. The comic timing of the movie is perfect and will not fail when it comes to making your loved ones laugh. Priya, who is pretty annoyed with her husband storms into the latter’s office and questions him as to why he didn’t sign the document; her entry is very hilarious and memorable. Sunil even wishes to hide the divorce debacle from his mother since he does not want to upset her.

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As the story is continued further, Sunil and Priya, who feel like their love for each other have come to an end, rediscover love and finally begin to value each other. There are a few scenes where you feel that the movie is getting a bit corny but the real intentions behind those actions are sweet and pure. There are many witty dialogues that will tickle your funny bones.

The film wouldn’t have been a success if there were fewer actors, thus the star-cast has played a wonderful job in delivering the apt message to the audience. Dolly Ahluwalia has played a superb role as a Punjabi Dadi who only believes in her old-age values. Manu Rishi, who played the role of a caring and dutiful son, has truly justified his character. Mahie Gill, who played the role of Priya is shown as a housewife who falls out of love but eventually decides to give her precious bond of marriage another chance. Sumit Gulati and Shardul Rana have played the role of a teenager who is excited to know more about it and is driven by their hormones.  However, the script should have shown more of Rajesh Sharma and Supriya Shukla, who did not fail to grasp the attention of the audience with the limited screen time provided to them.

It seems like the director has hurried in order to bring the climax and seemed to have skipped a significant part. If grandmother’s introduction scene was more gradual then it would have created a better impact on the minds of the audience. The film is flooded with light-hearted moments which will definitely bring a smile on your faces. The movie makes you yearn for the times when life was so simple, the relationship was valuable and love was found in every little thing. It is the perfect pick to watch with your family during the quarantine period.

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