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Gypsy full movie review

Raju Murugan’s Gypsy is a movie about a wandering musician who happens to fall in love with a Muslim girl who is brought up in an orthodox Muslim household. Although they end up getting married the survival of their relationship becomes a significant obstacle, following a communal riot.

Well, this movie couldn’t have come out at a better time, as we all know the communal riots happened in the capital. The director has beautifully used the story of the nomadic musician named Gypsy to present his own thoughts about the things happening in the country. He is a child of an inter-religious married couple who loses their life during the Indo-Pak war and is raised by a wandering musician, who guides him to find a face who he would never let go of and would remember at his deathbed.

For Gypsy that face happens to be of Waheeda the girl from the orthodox Muslim family. As she has never seen freedom, Gypsy’s lifestyle represents her of one thing that she has never got from her childhood- her freedom. Although, the director doesn’t build up their romance as something huge. It is ordinary, two people get attracted to each other, but none of them is consumed in the burning passion for living together and forever. In the manner which they eloped has to be one of the unpretentious elopement scenes in Tamil cinema.

At the beginning of the movie, Gypsy was introduced as the world’s singer. Jiiva (Gypsy) is a singer who writes songs on whatever is happening in society. In one of the scenes, Waheeda’s father inquiries about his caste, which points out to the taboo still present in our Indian community. Cast still matters when it comes to marriages, whereas other factors are considered secondary. Well, to this response, Gypsy says that he is a human without religion.

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Although these hard-hitting dialogues are Raju Murugan’s view and skills as a talented writer. The film carries a significant theme of humanity in it, and speaking of it is the need of the hour. When Waheeda is pregnant, she is stuck in a Hindu mob and is saved by a Muslim and Hindu auto driver.

Such scenes in Jiiva and Natasha starrer Gypsy will leave you with thoughts that are not hard to forget. Both of the actors have delivered a perfect performance in the film. But the composer Santosh Narayana’s music fails to lift Gypsy’s spirit high. Although the work of Cinematographer SK Selvakumar is appreciable as he gorgeously takes us on a memorable journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Raju Murugan’s Gypsy is a great tale to be told to the people during such hard times. It is an appreciable film but isn’t as hard-hitting as it could have been.

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