Netflix’s Guilty Movie Review – Is It Film Worth Watching?

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Netflix's Guilty Movie Review - Is It Worth Watching The Film

Karan Johar’s ‘Guilty Movie‘ will put its audience on the spot where it will become difficult for them to answer various questions. It holds a mirror for the society where everyone talks about girls being bullied but hold opinions when it comes to judging the character of a female.

The people wake in the era of the #MeToo movement. They are talking about women empowerment as social media is flooded with it. But how will these so-called ‘woke’ people react when they get to know a girl in their college has been raped? Will they accept it and believe the survivor? Or will they make judgments based on her past manners and clothes?

The film is weaved around a college band with lead sings Vijay VJ Pratap (Gurfateh Singh Pirzada) and songwriter Nanki Dutta (Kiara Advani). So, VJ is a well-built man, son of a political leader and a college heartthrob. Every girl just throws her out to him and dates Nanki the hottest girl in the college.

Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor plays the role of Tanu Kumar, who is a girl from Dhanbad. She is famous in her college because of hostel fights and her bold sense of fashion. She boldly and openly shows her sexual desires for VJ, which earns her a second name ‘slut.’ Well, everyone can relate!

How, poignant? A girl is being called ‘slut’ because she has sexual desires for a man! Like men don’t have any sexual desires for women

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Ok now, moving on towards the Guilty movie story. The handsome hunk is being accused of raping Tanu. Eventually, on Valentine’s Day, he accepts that he had sex with Tanu and claims that it is consensual. He says “why would I rape her; I have a girlfriend.” To support him, his friends add “That she is a slut, and she is that type of girl who wants it, but now she is using advantage of #MeToo to gain popularity.”

The rape was done behind closed doors. Only two people were there- the victim and the accuser. Now, how to determine that who is right?

Well, it is done by judging Tanu on every breath that she takes. Her sexual life and her character have been questioned repeatedly. We mean seriously! First, that boy has cheated his girlfriend and now he gets a clean chit because the victim is modern and free-minded.

In our society, rape, victims have to hide their faces, as if they have done something wrong. But ‘Guilty Film‘ brings the change she doesn’t hide behind a dupatta or hides her face. Instead, she goes to the college fest in a shimmery mini dress. And people start saying that she still wears such clothes, but now it’s all voices to her.

Kiara has maintained a punk persona throughout the film, her character has been inspired by pop stars. Guilty is made with good intentions and a pure heart and poses only one question. Both Tanu and VJ both have the same personality buy why Tanu is only judged?

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