Netflix Officially Confirms The Second Instalment Of Love Is Blind

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Netflix Officially Confirms The Second Instalment Of Love Is Blind Season 2

Have you already watched Love is Blind on Netflix? Then you must be waiting for the second season! If yes, then the good news is Netflix has announced that Love is Blind Season 2 will premiere in 2021.

Season 1 has already got lots of appreciation from the audience and had ten episodes. It is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Where single men and women together embark on a quest to find true love. From meeting in ‘pods’ in which they could really hear the person’s voice to singles forging connections to few (lucky ones) even getting engaged by the end of the show is totally a happy watch!

Netflix announced in March 2020 that the reality dating show ‘Love is Blind’ is among the shows that are getting renewed on the platform. It will launch in 2021, yet so far there are no exact premiere dates, but soon they might spill the beans. But Netflix finally confirms that Nick and Vanessa would return as the hosts to guide the contestants through their love quest. A few days before netflix made an announcement regarding the maska film release.

Season 1 got shot in Atlanta in 2018, but the second instalment will get shot in the magical city of Chicago. Netflix confirms that casting for the second instalment is currently taking place in Chicago but didn’t stress about the location for season 3.

In an interview, Coelen said that “I want to see Love is blind season 2 and a season 12. Don’t you?” this confirms that he is sure to make various instalments of this show. To this, he also adds “We wanted people to live, in the current place. If you are Tampa and they are from Portland that will just add another wrench to the situation. We wanted to give them the reason to hold on to their love and their marriage working.”

Creator of Netflix’s reality hit, says that “we are looking for genuine people, who really want a long -term relationship. Of course, there are many shows where people go to find love, but they aren’t earnest. Being genuine is the criteria for our show.”

As the first show was hosted in Atlanta and now the creator has taken it Chicago, which really means that he might have the idea of making this show to various other countries. The show is undauntedly phenomenon and has the core idea of generating a lot of social media chatter.

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