SS Rajamouli Claims To Have Slept While Watching The Oscar Movie, Parasite; Movie Buffs In Dilemma

SS Rajamouli Claims To Have Slept While Watching The Oscar Movie, Parasite

SS Rajamouli reveals that he found the movie Parasite very boring. The Oscar-winning movie, which happened to sweep off the audience across the world, was not so impressive for the Bahubali director. An interview which was aired on the television showcased Rajamouli accepting the fact that he actually ended up dozing off. The Korean thriller movie was considered to be one of the masterpieces of the modern-day. However, with the Bahubali director’s opinion, it has left the audience and movie buffs baffling about their personal opinion.

The movie was not only a hit in South Korea but also across the entire globe. The makers received appreciation from different parts of the world for their novel concept and brilliant execution. The film actually refined the concepts of film making and set an example for the new movie directors. The cinematography of the film was also very fine and was appreciated for the following parallelism.

Coming back to the controversy, some of the people appreciated SS Rajamouli for being honest while others felt that is was pretty inappropriate to criticize the film this way publicly. Some people took to their social media handles and came forward to support the director, saying that opinions can be differing and it is absolutely okay if he did not like the movie, whereas the ones against him have started making memes on the same issue. Generally, the South Indians have come to rescue their industry’s director and claimed that Tollywood makes better movies than what the Korean movie is offering. The ones against the filmmaker have bombarded him with hate messages. Come on people, let us grow up!

The Oscar-winning movie parasite has won against some of the best films including Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and 1917, so it is quite shocking the renowned director of  Tollywood did not like the Korean movie. Nevertheless, opinions can be very different and must be respected. In no small measure, the critics and movie buffs have been utterly shocked since the movie based on social inequality was really a classic, a movie like that has not been created in a while. The amount of positive response it received was really crazy!

The director of the Korean movie Parasite, Bong Joon-ho was very surprised after winning the Oscar. He revealed that as a teenager he used to study Martin Scorsese’s movies and getting nominated under the best film category is itself a huge deal for him. He did not even think that he would win against such beautifully crafted films. He even personally thanked Quentin Tarantino, the captain of the beautifully sailed movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. His message clearly reveals that even he was not expecting this.

Throwing light on the controversy, yes opinions can be different that is what keeps us growing, however, slamming an Oscar movie on a public platform is not something that is expected from such a talented filmmaker.

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